Hi! I’m Jordana, thanks for stopping by! Over the years I’ve photographed many many types of people and the common denominator between everyone no matter what age, how they look, or their confidence level in normal life, almost everyone panics when the camera comes out. I’ve heard hundreds of people tell me they simply aren’t photogenic and my response is this: There is no such thing as a non photogenic person. It is the photographers job to take a good picture and it is your job to show up. So come hang out with me, and sure, I’ll have a camera, but my job is not only to get you to forget that it’s there, but in doing so we’ll release all the anxiety you might have and capture images to show the world who you are! It’s time to celebrate you, and see yourself shine in a way you never knew you could.

**Just like you, I need updated pictures too. The best way to get to know me and learn what to expect from our sessions is to hop on Instagram and check out my daily stories. Send me a DM and we’ll get talking about how you’d best like to be photographed**

Photography is my passion and what makes me happier than anything is to preserve that which you hold dear.